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Architetto Andrea Spera

    High quality of construction and care in designing living spaces are fundamental concepts in all our projects.


    Our distinctive features in designing interiors are the utmost attention to details, the constant search for innovative materials creating the right balance between space, lights and colors.


    We focus on the clients’ needs and from there we kick off a thorough study of the subject matter with the purpose of enhancing its intrinsic potential.
    Only then we produce floor plans, renderings, construction details and metric calculations necessary to define the project.


    We set into shape parks, gardens and terraces respecting the context and the environment, creating evocative spaces bonding harmoniously architecture and nature.


    Through our expertise, we guide potential customers towards the most suitable housing solution.


    We avail of an experienced construction company able to interpret and give continuity to the project plan moving to the construction site with their highly specialized workers and our continued presence on site to supervise and review each step of the project.


    We provide an end-to-end service from inception to completion of the project, ensuring that all activities are carried out timely and within cost.  The customer is relieved from any worry throughout the duration of the project until its completion and delivery.


    We customize and design each piece of furniture that becomes the hallmark of each space and sign of its architectural style.

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