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2° Photographic Competition
Ruggero Marconi

Building up on the success of its first edition,  Ruggero Marconi in partnership with the Municipality of Formello, launches the second edition of the Photographic Competition “Foreshortening of Formello”. The competition will lead to a photo exhibition aimed at enhancing of the vast territory north of Rome, in particular the architectural and landscape heritage of Latium with focus on the historic centers of the many  rural villages present in this area.  Ruggero Marconi tackles the theme of the great historical and cultural wealth preserved in the small villages bordering the great Rome of the past. A photographic exhibition dedicated to these aspects can constitute a valid and proactive integration of all the various topics that will be explored and addressed by the exhibitors. The organizers believe that the photographs that will participate in the competition will conduce to the enhancement of the area north of Rome, with shots that have to capture the beauty of the villages and of their green surroundings. The exhibition will take place at the Sala Rossini, in the historic center of Formello, where all photographs registered for the competition will be exposed for two days and where the award ceremony will take place. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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    Competition Regulation

    Participation is subject to full acceptance of terms and conditions

    Art. 1 •Access to all categories of photographers, amateurs or professionals

    Art.2 • Theme: “Black and white takes of Historic centers north of Rome” Access to the competition is limited to black and white takes of historic centers north of Rome capturing images linked to the theme.

    Art.3 • The pictures can be delivered up to 15 January 2020 and only for those who have previously enrolled to the competition.  Enrolment deadline is 1 January 2020.  The picture can be sent via email at through a big capacity system such as WeTransfer. Only one take is allowed.  The message should indicate: NAME, FAMILY NAME, CATEGORY: PROFESSIONAL or AMATEUR.

    Art.4 • File Forma – it is recommended that the files are saved under .JPG format and with the color profile sRGB.  The digital format of the picture should be square (1:1) with side not less than 2.500 pixel. Zipped images made exclusively with special programs and computer graphics models and that do not contain at least one photographic component cannot enter into the competition.

    Art.5 • All the works participating in the competition must contain the identification data of the author and of the take: name and surname of the author, work title and year of realization.  The work and all of its components (exception made for the minor details) must be proprietary of the author.

    Art.6 • (applicable only to the Professional category) Limited to the winning takes, the organizers may request the author to provide evidence of the authenticity of the winning images by sending the picture via RAW file. Said RAW files must be provided within a reasonable time and in any case within the limit set by the organizers in order to allow the control and confirmation of the Jury Report. Said RAW files will be checked by the organizers and by at least one member of the jury outside the organizing club.

    The authors who do not provide the RAW file of the winning works or who will be challenged for their truthfulness will be canceled the prize.

    Art.8 • Each participant is legally responsible for his / her works, relieving the organizers from any responsibility, even against any subjects depicted in the photographs. The competitor must inform any interested parties (persons portrayed) following provisions set forth in Article 10 of Law 675/96 and subsequent amendment with Legislative Decree no30 June 2003 n.196, as well as obtaining consent to their dissemination, under penalty of exclusion from the competition. In no case may the images sent contain data that can be classified as sensitive. Each participant declares to own all the rights on the originals, on the digital acquisitions and on the processing of the photographs sent.

    Art.9 • Jury – The jury of the competition will be formed by professional photographers. Following the final verdict, the President of the Jury, Ulisse Marconcini, will award the various prizes to the winners. The Jury reserves the right to change category to particularly deserving photos. The jury’s opinion is final.

    Art.10 • Information about Legislative Decree 196/2003 on the processing of personal data, we inform you that in compliance with the provisions of the art. 10 of law 675/96, “Protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data, and subsequent amendment with Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003, the personal data provided by competitors when completing the registration form, are collected and processed through IT tools, and will only be used to identify the winners and the authors of the photographs whenever the latter are exhibited or published, and for communications related to the contest itself. In line with art. 13 of the aforementioned law, the competitor has the right to access his/her data and to exercise the rights of integration, rectification, cancellation, etc., to the data controller. The conferment of data and the consent to the relative treatment are necessary conditions for participation in the competition.

    Art.11 • Awards – 3 prizes will be awarded: Professional Award, Amateur Award and I Like Award. The Professional and Amateur prizes will be awarded directly by the jury to the best shot. The “Like” Award will instead be awarded based on the “likes” that the photo will receive  on our Facebook Page. The competitor who will acquire the most “likes” before the closing of the competition will be entitled to the prize. The prizes are:  Professional Award – Amazon Voucher worth € 400, Amateur Award – Amazon Voucher worth € 200, I Like Award – Amazon Voucher worth € 100.

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